Anti Steering of Roaming Detection | Anti-Steering Detection

Cellusys Anti-Steering Detection and Prevention provides Active Filtering as well as automatic and manual blocking. The Active Filtering can be updated quickly to neutralise any new anti steering resubmission methods. Cellusys Anti-Steering Detection solution detects all of the different anti steering events down to the signalling message level.  This removes any doubt that anti steering is taking place and which operators are deploying anti steering.
Standards GSMA IR.73, 3GPP TS 29.272

Benefits for you, the mobile operator

  • Detects when a network in a visited territory has an anti steering system; enables a countering mechanism, to route your outbound roamer to the desired network.
  • Detects variations in numbers and patterns of update-location messages, identifying fake update-location messages – these are indicative of attempts by networks in the visited territory to retain roamers for longer than necessary.
  • Unique SS7 and Diameter features provide support for legacy SS7 based networks and next generation LTE/Diameter based networks. Cellusys Anti-Steering of Roaming Detection and Prevention gives you full LTE integration, allowing anti steering detection across 2G/3G SS7 based networks and LTE/EPC Diameter based networks.  Rules are developed independent of the underlying protocol thus reducing the complex changes required to support roamers on different technologies.