SIGTRAN Pocket Guide PDF Download - Cellusys
Cellusys SIGTRAN Pocket Guide

Your Guide to the SIGTRAN Protocol.

SIGTRAN is the means of transporting SS7 information over IP using the transport services of Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP).

This guide provides you with information on:

  • Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP)
  • MTP2 User Adaption Layer (M2UA)
  • MTP2 Peer to PEER Adaption Layer (M2PA)
  • MTP3 User Adaption Layer (M3UA)
  • ISDN User Adaption Layer (IUA)
  • SCCP User Adaption Layer (SUA)

Cellusys’ Signaling Transport (SIGTRAN) Pocket Guide is a reference for the SIGTRAN family of protocols. This guide can be used by anyone involved in SS7, SS7 over IP or SIGTRAN specifically.

We hope you find this SIGTRAN Pocket Guide helpful.