Data Sheets - Cellusys
Cellusys GTP Firewall Data Sheet

GTP Firewall

GTP Firewall provides full control over the signalling stack from IP to GTP.

Cellusys Signalling Firewall Data Sheet

Signalling Firewall

Cellusys Signalling Firewall is a powerful system, guarding against signalling-based threats with configuration options across all SS7 and Diameter protocol layers.

Cellusys Steering of Roaming Data Sheet

Steering of Roaming

Cellusys Steering of Roaming gives you a flexible tool to deliver roaming services on a multitude of commercial agreements, with pinpoint precision.

Cellusys Roam Welcome Data Sheet

Roam Welcome

With Cellusys Roam Welcome, operators communicate information to inbound and outbound roamers.

Cellusys Anti-steering Detection & Prevention Data Sheet

Anti-Steering Detection

Our Anti-Steering Solution stops VPMNs from capturing your outbound roamers.

Cellusys Prepaid SMS Roaming Data Sheet

Prepaid SMS Roaming

Prepaid SMS Roaming enables prepaying subscribers to send and receive SMS when they are outside the home network.

Cellusys SMS Home Router Data Sheet

SMS Home Router

Cellusys SMS Router provides mobile operators with the ability to centralize all SMS traffic to a common routing point in the home network.

Cellusys SMS Defence Data Sheet

SMS Defence

Spam and fraud are on the rise, and they are irritating subscribers. Cellusys SMS Defence is an SMS firewall that detects and stops spam and fraud in the mobile network.

Cellusys SMS Parental Control Data Sheet

SMS Parental Control

With Cellusys SMS Parental Control, children are protected from unwanted messages and inappropriate mobile usage, and parents have peace of mind.