IoT: Connect - Cellusys

With its trusted relationships with many mobile operators worldwide, Cellusys provides dedicated, reliable global 2G/3G/4G network connectivity for any moving IoT device. Cellusys Connect offers secure national coverage and seamless global roaming.

Benefits for you, the mobile operator

  • Cellusys Connect offers predictable, zone based tariffs for connected devices.
  • Charging structure can be per MB for narrowband or unlimited day pass usage for devices that need broadband connectivity.
  • Remote SIM card management includes provisioning (activation and deactivation), connectivity, and usage control.
  • Secure API integration dashboard functions allow remote control and reporting.

SIM provisioning

As the world becomes more reliant on IoT, billions of IoT devices will be connected. One third are devices without a fixed location, and each of these will need a sim card. Together with its partners Cellusys enables an optimal cost efficient Sim card solution, from set-up to Sim ordering and delivery (normal, extra robust, with or without eUICC remote provisioning).

Tailored Security Solutions

Cellusys provides a suite of IoT Security solutions which can be combined with Cellusys IoT Connect services, or can be provided as standalone services. In addition Cellusys is able to create tailored solutions, depending on your needs.