IoT: Analytics - Cellusys

IoT Analytics is a Service Payload Analyzer that provides real-time insights into how IoT devices are using data. It illuminates data transactions sent and received by each individual IoT device.

Benefits for you, the mobile operator

  • Monitor data quality for each IoT device
  • Understand and check service expectations of mission critical IoT devices
  • Appreciate IoT device traffic generation differences
  • Locate and analyze data delivery faults
  • Communication endpoints by each device / device class, etc, to identify unwanted traffic, malicious devices, and suspicious traffic patterns

Monitor IoT Behaviour & Preferences

Proactive intelligent service monitoring of the IoT-user plane enables analysis of which specific IoT devices are accessing what services from where, providing comprehensive insights.



  • Clear Dashboards
  • Realtime and longterm reporting
  • KPI troubleshooting
  • Access to data transactions

IoT Device – End Terminal Profiling

Data Session performance is often degraded by faulty end terminal configuration or new software version of the respective device. IoT Analytics provides answers to help identify the source:

  • Grouping, classification, and distribution of end-terminal types
  • Identify which device types are most likely to perform poorly in accessing certain data services