SMS Defence – the Leading SMS Firewall

SMS Defence is an SMS Firewall that detects and stops unwanted spam and fraud in the Mobile Network.

SMS spam and fraud comes in many forms and can cause substantial damage with respect to customer satisfaction, financial performance and network operations.

The table below explains the types of SMS fraud and SMS Spam that SMS Defence eliminates from your critical revenue generating SMS infrastructure.

Threat What Happens Risk to the Operator
SMS Spamming Unwanted messages are delivered to subscribers. Irritated subscribers, degraded performance, blamed for relay.
SMS Flooding Remote system sends massive numbers of messages targeting subscribers and nodes Overload in the signaling network, home operator incurs relay operator costs
SMS Faking Foreign system illegally uses identity of SMSC Home operator cannot collect termination fees
SMS Spoofing Messages sent illegally by simulating subscribers in a roaming situation Subscribers wrongfully billed for unsent messages and perhaps unwanted content
SMS Smishing Messages that appear to be from a valid company attempt to acquire subscriber information Subscriber annoyance, billing issues, potential to spread viruses and then more spam.
SMS Viruses Hacker engine launches messages luring subscribers to a download site with viruses Comprimised handsets cause customer service problems and may send unwanted messages

SMS spam and fraud is a rapidly growing problem with the most prevalent provider concerns being that it irritates subscribers and in turn increases churn, raises support costs and casts negative light on the carrier’s brand. Subscribers find spam annoying and many regard it as an invasion of privacy. It also results in unwarranted charges leading to customer frustration and lost revenue for inter-carrier messages. Spam can destroy trust in an operator, leading subscribers to opt-out of emerging mobile advertising and m-commerce opportunities.

With SMS fraud, the sender assumes the identity of a valid subscriber or SMSC, so the operator receives no termination fee which increases operational costs because of the large volumes of unauthorized messages.  SMS spam and fraud can degrade network and SMSC performance and at times severely impact the adoption of revenue-producing services.

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